Rates, Shop Policy & Shipping tips


Our bench labor rate is $95/hr. Our minimum diagnostic/repair labor fee is $75 per item

We gladly accept Visa, Master Card, Amex, Paypal, local Checks or Money Order.

Delivering your equipment to us constitutes your agreement to incur our minimum fee of $75.00 or – to authorize us to repair your equipment at a maximum fee of $75.00.

If your repair will be more than $75.00 : We will contact you with an estimate. The estimate you approve will be your actual bill +/- 15%.  If you decline our estimate, the $75.00 minimum diagnostic fee will be charged.

Please keep in mind that it is not uncommon to find another issue once we are into your equipment in addition to the primary issue.  We reserve the right to revise estimates if they might exceed a 15% increase – pending your approval.

A few common examples of estimate increase: “Once power supply was repaired, a secondary issue was revealed”,  “Tube sockets cracked or not tension-able”, “noisy or failed tubes after extended bench/play test”. Other components, loudspeaker issues, pots, jacks, connectors cracked, loose or noisy not initially detectable until final testing, etc. For these reasons we do our best to quote realistic estimates particularly with older restorations as “between x and x dollars”

We are required by Tennessee Law to collect local sales tax on all services performed at our facility.

We offer a 90 day Parts and Labor Warranty and a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Authorized Repairs Unclaimed:

Any item which you have authorized us to repair, which you neglect to pay for, may be sold by us to reclaim our costs after six months of no response. (TN code § 66-14-101)


Packing tips: 

Look around for computer type cartons, these are usually double corrugated cardboard and very hefty.


If it is a chassis which you have pulled from a cabinet; remove all the tubes and wrap each one individually in small bubble pack. Pack all the tubes in a cardboard box with some more bubble wrap or foam peanuts. Now, put that box in another box with another layer of peanuts or bubble pack or newspaper in between. Ship this box separately from the chassis. Mark it “FRAGILE/GLASS”

If you are pulling a chassis and shipping separately:


Wrap the chassis in a layer of common cardboard. This will protect knobs, switches, etc. while making an otherwise odd shaped, sharp cornered chassis into an easily pack-able object.  Now box that again into a rectangular cardboard container with an insulating layer of bubble pack.


    If the amp has tube covers and/or tube retaining clips: leave the tubes in their sockets. If not: pull, pack and ship tubes in a separate carton as described above. Wrap the entire amp with a layer of  common cardboard. Place that into another cardboard box with an insulating layer of bubble pack.

 Mark the lightest side “this side up” so the package won’t travel top heavy and topple during shipping.  Speakers will travel best face down if possible.

          Whichever carrier you use, buy adequate insurance. It’s cheap, and well worth it.