Service Plus+

Some people just want their amp to work until it breaks down again, and some want it to be in top condition. Some want the best amp it can possibly be, with the best tubes money can buy, and the best speakers, and the covering redone, and a new handle, and a road case, and a spare set of tubes, and last but certainly not least…a big grin when they plug in.

Quite often a repair can become more than just fixing the immediate problem. The following is included on our website so that you may gain some insight into the kind of attention we give to our work and how this separates us from some of the other “repair shops.”

Another reason we include this is in the hope of saving ourselves some time explaining the same things over and over on the phone. So, we picked out a handful of fairly common repair/restoration examples as well as some information on our parts selection process.


Fender Super Reverb (1965)

Gibson GA 20T

Ampeg SVT (Vintage)

Peavey CS800 Power Amp

Marshall Super Lead 100

Vox AC30