“I have never felt very comfortable in the past bringing my beloved vintage amps to most repair guys for servicing. One false move and that special quality that you loved about it could be lost forever. It has happened to me, so I know. This is not the case with Todd Sharp at Nashville Amp Service. First of all, Todd is a fantastic guitar player himself and is really keenly aware of the subtleties of tone and the importance of capturing the “soul” of a great amp. I have brought him some of the best  in the world–my ’77 Dumble Overdrive, ’64 Fender Deluxe Reverb, and ’59 Bassman. They already sounded wonderful to begin with, but Todd made them sound sublime!”

Rick Vito – Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger, Solo artist.

Picked up my magical/uncanny ’74 Princeton Reverb today. As usual, Cameron and Jeremy did their magic (they LOVE that amp). A very senior exec from a MAJOR guitar company came out to the gig, and I was playing one of their high-end guitars through the Princeton. I’ve been telling him the guitar’s really nice, and handed it to him on a break to check out. He said, “Yeah… great guitar… but what the heck is in that AMP?” Y’all are the best.

-Rusty Russell

“A few years ago I had enlisted Todd’s help to fix a one-off prototype Diaz reverb unit that was in serious need of some electronic TLC.  As I recall, Todd had some ideas as to how to improve/add capability to the circuit.  My response was probably something useless like, ‘ok, go wild.’   Well Todd turned a rather sick piece of gear into a footswitchable — Vibrato/Reverb/Boost masterpiece that I’ve had ever since.  I may not be a touring pro, have Clapton’s touch, Page’s virtuosity, or Todd Sharp’s ear, but I’ve owned and have some rather nice pieces and I would certainly stack this unit against any comparable multi-function beast on the market.  More to the point — the vibrato and reverb either alone or together are mesmerizing and spacious (about a mile wide).  The boost circuit alone or combined with either one or both effects, makes this one of the most versatile tri-modal packages (in a small Fender Reverb sized unit) that you would ever see.  The boost by itself in my small Siegmund — reminds me of instant vintage Stones (Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out).  The sounds mind you, not my playing.

Recently, I asked Todd to look at my Matchless HC30 chassis to see if he could improve some of the things I didn’t like about the amp — strident, overpowering upper mids, a front end that was less than receptive to pedals, a master volume knob that (I thought) was rather useless (zero — 7 O’clock on the knob to 7:15 on the knob), and an overall belief that the core elements were there — good iron, good design, and that it just needed to be tweaked.  Todd asked, and again, I muttered the same useless adjective, ‘go wild, I said.’

Well Todd NAILED IT.  He took my subjective blather, considered it (within the limitations of what the amp could and couldn’t do) and presented me with an amp that was much friendlier, responsive, musical, and a hell of a lot more fun to play.  They replaced two of the EL84’s with 6V6’s which complemented and provided more balance to the overall tone.  Todd also modified the cut control with a pull function/filter that provided some very cool sizzle in the upper mids with the filter engaged.  Before I sent it to Todd, I had actually considered selling the amp…not now!

When I got the amp back, I played it for about 3 hours straight.  My wife even commented that I sounded good.  Ordinarily, MY WIFE SAYS NOTHING — akin to the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

Always, professional, and courteous, I even got the offensive parts back that Todd took out of the amp!

If Todd ever gets a chance to implement some of his own designs, translation:  if he can find the time…I’ll be waiting with deposit in hand.”

– Mike Faremouth

“Hey Todd. I got the AC30 two weeks ago and I have been playing it as much as I can and I can’t find a thing wrong with it. It plays like a new amp in every way. Thanks so much for taking the time to do the job right! I really love the sound. I’ll send you some pics with my favorite guitars when I get the chance”.

Thanks again!  David Kemmer / Guitarist,  Redwood City, CA

Hey Fellas,

My Marshall sounds so much better than I expected. Kudos to you guys. Really nice work. The mod to the footswitch also is killer. Worth the wait and every penny. Thanks again!

Sean Proctor / Guitarist, Nashville, TN

“Only the best tubes used – Todd rocks!”

Peter Collins / Producer

“Hey Todd,

Just wanted to let you know I actually cranked this mother up to 3 today. Sounds laughable but the head is so loud that 3 is plenty loud for household use and abuse.

As I suspected, the EMG in my Gibson Flying V gave the amp just enough more grunt on the front end to push it over the edge into crunchland. The adjustment you made on it yesterday was just right. Not too much, but just right.

And as you said to me a few weeks back, it used to have a sort of screechy top end, but the tone is much smoother, and more musical. Now it is like this nice high end that reclines comfortably on a huge slab of low end, with the mids filling in any holes. The tone controls appear to be a bit more responsive than they used to be, though they were so sensitive before, there was pretty much no room for improvement lol.

No need to tweak it any further. It is smoldering as it is. I have been playing it a little bit every day (played it for several hours on Sunday), and it is everything I ever wanted my amp to sound like. It was good before, it is kickass now! Many thanks to you for allowing me to blast forth once more with a much cooler sound than previously. Add another name to your list of happy campers. I could not be more satisfied”.

-Austin Majors

Todd, Just received the Princeton amp……….EXTRAORDINARY!!! Thank you so much…..not going to be getting any work done for the next day or so!! What a difference! Thanks again, the amp is unbelievable! More than I expected!. I will definitely be sending more amps to you in the future!!!!

Lou Cristantiello  – Brewster, NY

“Todd Sharp is one of the few ‘tone-guru’s’ in Nashville. His knowledge of amps is rivaled only by his guitar playing.”

Chris Graffagnino / (Michael W. Smith, Wes Cunningham, DC Talk)

“I picked up my Mesa Heartbreaker from you all earlier today. It is hard to believe this is the same amp I left with you all two weeks ago. It sounds better than the day I bought it. And it sounded good the day I bought it. All my amps come to Nashville Amp Service from now on. Thanks!”

Wes Carter

“1975 Princeton non-reverb: Basic re-cap and upgrade w/”Steve Wariner” optimized Preamp and tube upgrade: All I can say is AMAZING. The stock amp was clean, but bright and sterile.  You nailed what I was looking for, a punchy, portable, twang/surf/country machine w/fat compressed tone and front end punch and overtones.  On 3 to 5 she is all punch/twang and above 5 she goes to rock and roll. It takes pedals, better than ever and at 3, it is as loud as it was on 6 before, so now on  5 or 6 it has the output of a class A 18 watt amp”.

Mark Stultz – Nashville, TN

“Add the Dollywood name and mine to your satisfied customer listing. We have had excellent service from Nashville Amplifier Service”.

-Mark Heatherly / Technical Lead Dollywood Theme Park

“I can’t thank you enough for taking care of my VT40. This is the sound!!!  I’m so stoked right now…this sounds way better than I ever imagined. Seriously, this is one ferocious amp. I’m keeping this baby forever. A+ Todd; if I ever need any anything else fixed or modded I’ll be sure to pack it up and send it down South.  I don’t know how to describe it but I have that little extra wind in my sails…isn’t music the best. Thanks again”.

Bob Bowman

“I just thought I would drop you a line and tell you that since you guys have been servicing my amp it has never sounded better.  I sought a great amp tech for over 10 years and finally found one that knows how to get the amp to sound like it should!!  You can’t believe the tone I am getting now. Thanks”

–  Bobby Vogel

“Todd makes my amps sing like Birds and roar like Lions!”

Paul David Hager / Engineer Bare Jr. Band

“Great service – patient tech advice”

Jason Brown /Hank III

“Hey Todd, I simply love the amp [Princeton Reverb]! It just sounds great, both soft and loud and it can get LOUD. All in all a perfect NY amp. It’s staying in the family forever! I use it for everything. (Okay not acoustic guitar) Play it every day. I don’t really know what you did, but it sounds chimier at low levels  and then really warms up at higher levels. Real smooth. I mostly use a Tele and a 335, sometimes a Baker and/or a Strat. It works with all of them. (It really helps out the 335.) I had intended to let you know earlier just how happy I was but I got sidetracked. All the best and thanks again”.

Barry Salmon – NYC

“Just wanted to let you know I received my amp last week and now have it all back together and am loving it!  I am extremely happy with your work, the amp sounds amazing!  Thank you so much for the excellent service and personal touch, I am really pleased that I chose to send my Deluxe to you and will be contacting you shortly regarding my AC30. All the best”.

Matt Remine

“Just have to tell you that on the last two gigs that I’ve played, the Vibroverb has really come into its own.  I don’t know if the speaker just had to be broken in or I just had to get used to the amp or both, but it definitely has “come to life”.   It just “smells right” now – as you would say.  It feels more open and organic…. The right blackface compression that my Vibrolux has only with more clean headroom.  Taking my pedals real well, now, too.  Much improved from before I sent it to you – not clinical, sterile – warm and round. I really like the way it’s feeling and sounding now and I want to thank you for doing the right things to make it sing. Regards”

Mario Giampaglia

“Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I plugged the Vibroverb in as soon as I got home, despite it being nearly midnight and just having spent 10 hours in the car, and a big ol’ smile immediately spread across my face. The amp sounds excellent, man. Better than it did when I first got it in fact, because the bottom end is tight now. No more bass flub! I’m more than pleased! I’ll definitely be sending anything I need fixed and fixed RIGHT to you… although I may just look into shipping it next time. Ten hours is a long ride, man….Thanks again!!!!”

Brian Detherow

“I called Todd and asked his opinion on a Gibson Falcon that I picked up on eBay. He was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and personable on the phone.  He was especially interested in what I was looking for out of the amp. The type of music I played, how the amp would be utilized, what kind of sound I was looking for, and most of all what kind of tone was I in search of.

They went through the amp thoroughly and did a first class job! They were especially helpful in regard to the speaker. The amp had the original Jensen in it, which at first glance would seem very desirable, but it was old and tired. They made a recommendation on a speaker based on the tone I was looking for. By the way, this is no mean feat. If you have never researched the number of quality speakers out there you should. There are hundreds it seems in every tonal shape and color. To be able to select THE ONE from the group is a remarkable feat in its self!

This amp sounds like God himself made it. It has tone to die for! When people see this dirty old amp they look skeptical. When you hit the first note they have all said the same thing: “DAMN! That thing sounds unbelievable!”

-Rob Ramsey – Smithville, TN

“After getting home and anxiously getting the amp plugged in and warmed up I got to play around for a while. I don’t think you know how close you got it to perfect. I am extremely happy with the mods and the overall sound of the amp now. It’s really amazing to me how quickly you can pick up on what your customers want. After only two short conversations about style of playing and previously owned amps I liked, you nailed it! I also attached two recordings of the guitar sounds I was trying to get to, I should have let you listen to them first but I never thought about it. Even without hearing them previous to doing the work, I don’t think you could have done any better. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and fellow musicians. I give Nashville Amplifier Service my highest recommendation. Thanks again”,

-Mark Barnhill – Nashville, TN

“I just have to tell you what a wonderful job you did on my Fender Concert amp.  I’ve owned this amp for over 20 years and never dreamed it could sound so wonderful!  The new tone is beyond perfect!  I played last night and ran nothing but the amp with my Michael Tuttle Telecaster, no chorus, no delay.  Nothing.  Absolutely the best tone I have ever gotten, hands down!  Also, not only do the new speakers you installed sound great, you cut the weight of the amp in half!  I can lift the thing now without hurting myself. Thank you!

– George McIntyre

” Todd: Just wanted to let you know I got back home , plugged both Amps in and let me tell you they sound fantastic. Great Job on both amps, my hats off to you. I also wanted to tell you I loved the Private Jack speakers”.

Rusty Grisham

“Hey Todd,  Thought I would drop a line and say thanks again for the time you put in on the Ampeg. I got a chance to really spend some time with the amp, and  I think it sounds amazing. I love it.  Great service too,  helpful and friendly, two things that are rare these days. Thanks again.”

-Kevin Gilbert

Good morning All! Please tell the Tech that worked on my Marshall JCM 2000 Head a few weeks ago, that it sounds amazing. I gave it a test run at my home before taking it out to rehearsal but there was nothing like hearing it unleashed a bit, with the whole group. I don’t believe it has ever sounded this good! What a thoughtful, considerate, group of professionals. Very refreshing. You have a customer for life. Many Thanks!

-Gregory B. Hall