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We have a breadth of experience with many amplifiers. We may have a recommendation based on our knowledge of your amp type, or we may be able to address a shortcoming that you are experiencing. We have many times been asked to make a Corvette out of a Volkswagen so to speak. This is usually not worth the effort and expense. In any case we have a lot of experience with guitar amps and guitar players and we can usually offer useful solutions including modifying your existing amp where practical.

Some common examples:
Restore your vintage amp to stock.
Effects Loop addition.

Addressing Hum and/or RF interference issues.
Various Tone & Gain tailoring specific to your amp and your needs.
Fender Princeton upgrades.
Fender Blackface Reissue upgrades.
Vintage Vox AC 30 “stay alive” auto AC line reduction & reliability improvement (without cosmetic alteration).
Korg AC 30 reliability upgrades.
Various Marshall tweaks.
Fender Hot Rod Deville, Blues DeVille & Hot Rod Deluxe upgrades.
Speaker Repair & Replacement.
Power Reduction.
Speaker Protect & Speaker ON Delay for solid state amps.
Hi Fi / Audiophile upgrades.

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ATA Flight Cases  

Custom fitted – custom colors – top quality.

Padded Covers

A custom fitted lighter weight padded canvas cover.  The perfect alternative for local hauling.  Available in 2 colors.

Speaker Re-cones & Tweeter Replacement

The right papers, the right parts. We can handle that for you too.

Vintage Transformer Replacement  & Rewind


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